Welcome!  My name is Michelle, and as a child I had spiritual experiences that I didn't understand. Little did I know at the time that these experiences would help to shape my life and deepen my understanding of myself and Spirit. Now I create opportunities to share my understanding and experience of Spirit.

    There are many things that are available, and generally speaking, people come for different reasons.  As a spiritual teacher and counselor, the focus is on self development, healing, and growth.  As a medium, there is a potential to experience the continuation of life through communication from loved ones in spirit.  As a psychic, the focus is on the potential future and addressing matters of the heart and soul.  Spiritual healing has many facets and levels to it; experiences are unique for each individual.

    Light The Way is a spiritual ministry based on the premise that we are all spiritual beings living in a physical body.  We create opportunities for healing and growth by becoming more conscious and aware of our eternal life as spirit.
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